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Express your ideas clearly and confidently in English

Private English classes for motivated professionals who need to communicate effectively at work.

You already know that speaking English fluently is not only an advantage, but it's quickly becoming a requirement in today's global economy.

Knowing English means being able to qualify for better jobs, work and travel abroad, expand your social network, and make more money to support your family.

And you know that simply being able to understand spoken English is only half of the battle, so you need to learn how to express yourself naturally.

But your time is limited and you don't want to waste it doing boring grammar lessons or memorizing lists of vocabulary.

You need to practice speaking English with a real person.

You need your grammar mistakes corrected.

You need to know the difference between formal (professional) and informal (casual) English.

You need to learn how to communicate effectively in English so that you can focus on what's really important: better opportunities, better jobs, and a better life.

Classes that help you to:

Practice in a safe environment

I’m very generous with my attention and patience. You’re free to take your time and collect your thoughts before you speak.

Eliminate all grammar mistakes

Grammatically incorrect speech makes it harder to understand you, so I will help you form good grammar habits to speak naturally.

Make yourself understood always

With consistent practice, you will master the art of conversation and feel comfortable speaking with anyone.

Classes made for people like you

I help developers communicate with clients

"There is no way I could manage communication and conversion with hundreds of thousands of people without ConvertKit."

- Jose Canales, Software Developer

I help leaders connect with their team members

"There is no way I could manage communication and conversion with hundreds of thousands of people without ConvertKit."

- Iván Moreno, Regional Manager

I help entrepreneurs enter new markets

"There is no way I could manage communication and conversion with hundreds of thousands of people without ConvertKit."

- Messiah Shriker, Business Consultant

How do the classes work?

1. Create a (flexible) plan

Once we determine your unique goals, I will prepare some topics and scenarios for us to discuss during class.

2. Engage in conversation

Improve your speaking skills simply by making conversation and having your mistakes corrected.

3. Repeat the process

Once the month ends, we will review your progress, set new goals, and continue developing your communication skills.

These classes are designed for people like you

"Tony has helped me during some important moments of my life, such as planing my vacation trip and preparing for my job transition. He can talk about many different subjects and really makes you feel comfortable talking to him. I believe that having real conversations with a native speaker is what made me improve my English the most... And Tony is just the guy for that. I really like his teaching style and would recommend him to anyone who is willing to improve their English."

Victor Verzellesi
Victor Verzellesi
São Paulo, Brazil

"I'm impressed with how good his class was. He's prepared the topics to be discussed and sent to me before the class. Tony was very attentive to my mistakes (pronunciation, grammar..), and corrected me without making me feel embarrassed. He is a positive person, and I felt very comfortable talking to him. I'm at an advanced level, and I learned a lot from him. I'm sure that even beginners will have a good experience taking classes with him."

Mariana Fernandes
Mariana Fernandes
São Paulo, Brazil

How to get started

My methodology is simple and effective.

1. Apply

Choose the best class option for you and complete the application form.

2. Trial lesson

Schedule a trial lesson to discuss your goals and see if I'm the right teacher for you.

3. Select dates

Select the dates & times you'd like to have class this month (Classes available Mon-Fri).

4. Pay invoice

Once your invoice is paid, you'll just need to get ready to (finally) start speaking English!

Ready to invest in yourself?

Choose the option that's best for you and apply!

12 classes

(Each class is 45 minutes)
(Prices are in USD)
Most popular

8 classes

(Each class is 45 minutes)
(Prices are in USD)

4 classes

(Each class is 45 minutes)
(Prices are in USD)

"Tony is an amazing teacher! He can quickly identify your weaknesses and guide you to the best way to improve them."

Priscila Flores
Priscila Flores
São Paulo, Brazil

"Tony is an excellent teacher, always attentive, and he understands my needs. We always have good conversations. I don't feel time passing when I'm in class with him."

David Costa
David Costa
Natal, Brazil

"Tony is a totally prepared teacher. All of the questions that he asks, how he makes me think and talk, how he conducts the conversation, it is really impressive. Thanks, Tony!!!"

Karen Gomes
Karen Gomes
São Paulo, Brazil

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we talk about during the 'trial lesson'?
How do I pay for the classes?
Is there a 'learning path' for me to follow?
What if I need to reschedule a class?
Can I contact you outside of class?
What can I do to practice English outside of class?
Will you give me study materials and exams?
Do you work with children?
Which app will we use to have class?
How long will it take to improve my English?
Do you speak any other languages?

I'm your teacher, Tony Kaizen

Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and I've had the privilege of being able to do it professionally for the last 5 years.

After learning 2 foreign languages by myself and helping hundreds of other people do the same, I've realized that the most effective way to learn a language is not easy, but it's incredibly simple.

So now I work full-time helping people (like you) to simplify the language learning process by teaching them to focus on real spoken English (not grammar books and videos) and to use the language every day (not just consume it.)

Tony Kaizen